How To Get 50 – 100 Appliance Repair Leads Per Week, Without Being A Marketing Guru

I just wanted to share some information that is relevant for appliance repair companies that are interested in lead generation… 🛠️ I’m going to walk you through how you can book an incredible number of calls every week, all without being a marketing wizard.

Setting Up Your Foundation 🏗️

First things first, get your basics right. You need a business phone number and a killer website. This is non-negotiable! I used Google My Business to connect my site and phone number seamlessly, making it super easy for customers to find me. 🌐

Embrace the Power of Social Media 📱

Social media is your best friend. I tapped into Facebook and Instagram, targeting homeowners directly. Join local real estate groups on Facebook; you’d be amazed at how many people need appliance repairs when buying or selling homes. 🏡

Organic Growth vs. Paid Ads 💸

Start with free marketing strategies before diving into paid ads. I found a balance between the two that worked wonders for my business. But remember, you don’t have to break the bank to get noticed. 🌟

Networking with Warranty Companies 🤝

Collaborating with third-party warranty companies was a game-changer for me. But make sure you’ve got all your paperwork in order – insurance, W9s, COIs, you name it. It’s all about looking professional and being ready for big opportunities. 📄

Building Local Relationships 🌆

Local property managers are a goldmine for appliance repair leads. Strike up conversations, hand out business cards, and before you know it, you’re their go-to repair guy. Pro tip: Hit up property managers on Monday afternoons for quick wins. 😉

Scaling Up Lead Generation Responsibly ⬆️

As the calls start rolling in, think about scaling up. Don’t just rely on one source of leads. Mix it up with COD, warranty work, and local partnerships. It’s all about having a diverse strategy. 🌈

A Word of Caution on Networking 🚨

While networking with property managers, companies, and real estate agents can open doors to a lot of appliance work, tread carefully. They can be tough to deal with. They often expect you to complete work first, then wait a grueling 30-90 days for payment, sometimes even at a discounted rate. They usually want to bill and get paid by their clients before they pay you. So, be VERY cautious when dealing with them. It’s a balancing act between opportunity and risk management.

Conclusion: It’s All About Persistence 👊

Getting 50 – 100 appliance repair calls per week isn’t magic. It’s about laying a solid foundation, using free resources smartly, and networking like a boss. Stick with it, and soon you’ll see your phone ringing off the hook! 📞

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