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Inspection Checklist for Air Conditioning Units

Now that summer’s here it is time for your air conditioner check up from your local HVAC technician! It’s always a good idea to get your air conditioning looked at, but now is the best time right before the hottest months. This checklist will teach you everything that needs to be covered in an air conditioners tune up. We also talk about precautions homeowners should take in order for their unit to be running properly this summer. 


What should be done in an air conditioning inspection?  

  •  Making sure the thermostat is functioning properly and communication with the AC unit is okay
  • Testing Refrigerant levels and making sure it is within proper operating range.
  • Lubricating all moving parts in order to reduce friction, and reduce the amount of power being used
  • Testing the components of your blower and making sure the airflow is working as it should with no obstructions.
  • Checking the condensation drain make sure the drip pan and condensation drain lines are working properly to prevent water damage to the unit


  • Cleaning condensers and evaporator coils to allow for better heat transfer and efficiency 


  • Checking all electrical components to ensure there are no exposed wires, faulty connections, or other failures


Preventative maintenance done by an HVAC technician will help your AC unit to perform at its best. This will not only keep you the most comfortable at home but also save you money. But there are a few things you can do as well throughout the coming seasons.   


  • Checking and possibly replacing air filters. With a lot of use it can be easy for any filter to become clogged, restricting airflow and causing issues. 


  • For the more adventurous home owner you can try cleaning your condenser. Being outside your AC unit is wide open for all sorts of debris. If you are able to remove any build up found inside or around that area it helps a lot. 


  • Inside the home check all of the registers and make sure there is a constant airflow with no blockages while the system is on. Check to make sure there is no furniture or other items blocking airflow to each room. 




The 7 Best HVAC Blogs & Forums

The Blog

A third-generation HVAC professional, Will Housh of Ohio, decided to take his family-owned HVAC  business online. What started as a small-town heating and cooling business in Will’s grandpa’s garage back in 1954, he has turned into one of the most booming sites full of educational, informative, and expert HVAC material. In addition to their blog they also have a Resource Center that is easy to use and home to great videos, articles, and other information. 



National Air Warehouse Blog

In addition to being one of the largest suppliers of HVAC products and equipment, they have a great blog with current topics full of the latest news, technology, statistics, and more. This blog is easy to follow and great for experienced HVAC professionals, homeowners looking to learn something new, and everyone in between.

The HVAC subreddit of Reddit (r/HVAC) Is one of the most popular places to share HVAC topics and stories, however it may not be as informative or educational as our other sites listed. This is a forum where anyone can comment or post, with only 1 rule…”No homeowner thermostat wiring questions allowed.” After browsing through here on multiple occasions I think this is the best place for HVAC professionals and business owners related pictures and stories, but not a great start to learning about heating or air conditioning. 




Air Conditioner Contractors of America (ACCA) is the largest HVAC contractor organization in the United States and represents thousands of contractors, professionals, and business owners. Full of videos, guides, downloads, articles and so much more, this site has possibly the largest amount of HVAC resources on this list. Their blog is a bit different than the rest on this list and tends to focus mostly on news, laws, and running your business.



Arista Blog

Based in New York City Arista has been on of the largest HVAC services in NYC for over 50 years. Mainly geared towards home owners and potential or current clients, their blog is full of relevant and relatable topics that will be of use for anyone who owns an HVAC system. For basic knowledge, tips, or tricks, this is a great blog for people to learn the basics and essentials of HVAC. 




Home to a couple million posts and over 100,000 users across the world HVAC-Talk is the largest HVAC forum on the internet. With such a large volume of users you are guaranteed to find a post about any topic imaginable and have any questions answered. This is most likely the best site for industry professionals to browse and connect and not the best place for homeowners to be.



HVAC Pro Forums

HVAC Pro Forums is similar to HVAC-Talk in that homeowners should seek their info elsewhere. This forum is another go to for HVAC professionals to share and have discussions. Here you will find a small site, but it is rich in quality content. This is a great place for pros to have very in depth and technical discussions. 



HSBO Vs DIY Vs Outsourcing

Website chat is the most effective tool in your online tool chest to ensure the maximizing your ROI on all forms of advertisement and provide the best service to your existing customer base.

There are a lot of options when considering chat and in this article we will break down what they are and why to choose them.

Doing it yourself: This is absolutely an option. However, it’s both costly and it’s not the most effective use of your overhead resources. Typically, the person that would be chatting for your company is one of your Customer Service Representatives (CSRs).

The problem is that your CSR might only get 0-2 chats an hour, and each one of those chat engagements might only last 5 minutes. So you’ve effectively only utilized that CSR 0-10 minutes an hour. And unfortunately, if you are chatting, you cannot multitask. I tried this myself and I failed miserably, leaving multiple customers hanging when they thought I was there to chat. Lastly, trying to chat 24/7 in house would be extraordinarily costly. A $12/hr Customer Service Rep for 24/7 service in-house would cost you over $10,000/month with burden.

Using a Digital Marketing Outsourced Service: These come in many different forms and they typically advertise the low cost.

Digital marketing services are typically outsourced to an overseas entity and/or contracted to people working from home. The person chatting will not know your business or industry, doesn’t know what services you provide, and most importantly, they don’t provide an empathy for your future and current customer’s issue. They copy and paste scripts from an FAQ document and their only objective is to get a name and a phone number or email address. From there, it’s your responsibility to call this customer or email them and find out what is going on. These services are cheap because they provide a cheap product- it’s easy to train someone to just ‘get information’ – it’s difficult for a company to look and act like your company to provide a seamless customer transfer.

HSBO – Home Service Back Office: We are a one of a kind service. We provide live chat services 24/7 as if you were doing it yourself, and we do it specifically for residential service companies. We work vigorously to train our chatters how residential service companies operate, the value of the lead, the services your provide, and most importantly, we provide EMPATHY! This is the number one tool in your company’s tool-chest and we provide it better than anyone.

We don’t just provide leads, we provide customers. Our goal is to decrease bounce-rate on your site by engaging your customers in meaningful empathy-based conversations and providing lots of raving fans.

You’ve spent a lot of money getting that customer to your website, you shouldn’t settle for anything but the best if you are interested in providing the world’s best customer experience!

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