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Top 10 Ways to Differentiate Your HVAC Company


Owning your HVAC business is a difficult task. You have the daily frustrations from employees, tackling billing, all while making sure the work gets done in a timely fashion. While this is a fraction of what you could be dealing with daily, there is another aspect of your business you’ve probably been thinking about too, marketing. 


Marketing your HVAC biz can seem overwhelming, and what most owners get stuck on is how to differentiate themselves from other local contractors. Heating and cooling are known for its competitive industry. There are tons of contractors out there, just waiting to assist homeowners and commercial customers for all their HVAC needs. So, what can you do to set yourself apart? What makes your company unique? How can you highlight these traits to gain more business and increase your customer base?


When differentiating your contracting business, you will make claims as to what you can do. Some of these will include the words, best, experts, or top in the industry. What can make your company unique are the titles and claims you make about your business. These points should be special to you, sum up your company’s mission, goals, or personality. Once you’ve established what phrases are to be associated with your company, continually use them to strength and reiterate to customers that ‘the best HVAC contractor’ is you.


Below, we’ve put together the top ten ways that can set your company apart from the competition, give you an edge, while helping you to attract more customers. Remember choosing the right qualities to highlight is just as important as how you communicate them to your customers.


  1. You deliver personalized service

Personalized service is a must. It shows your customers that they aren’t getting the same services as the neighbors. Tailoring HVAC solutions is an excellent key point to make, and one that can set you apart from other contractors or companies.


  1. You are the best HVAC contractor (in the area)

Claiming to be the best is a tall order. However, it is one that inspires confidence. With the addition of your neighborhood or city, you are getting specific. This statement tells customers that you are the best they can hire in your area.


  1. Your company achieves the fastest results

No customer wants to wait for repairs or service. By guaranteeing rapid results, you are essentially putting customers fears to rest that their emergency or problem will be solved sooner than with any other course of action they could take. Bonus points if you can state you can make repairs within 24-hours or provide same day service.


  1. Customer satisfaction is your top priority

Telling customers that they are your top priority is a given. While this is implied in most cases, saying it is another. You care enough to put the customer as the focal point of your business. Your competition may make these claims as well, but it is essential to let your customers know that their satisfaction is a critical part of your business. Extra points if you offer a guarantee such as a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if something isn’t right, you will make it right. 


  1. You’ve been in business the longest

If you look around at your competition and it seems like many of the contractors have little no experience, or haven’t been in business long, this is an excellent approach to take. Tell your customers that you have been in business the longest build authority and trust. No one wants to go with someone inexperienced, not usually anyway, and with stating you’ve been in business, the longest will earn you the vote of confidence.


  1. You offer fast response

Similar to you provide rapid service, being able to give your customers feedback quickly is important too. No one wants to wait for days or hours to hear from their contractor, especially for heating and cooling repairs. These can be emergencies. Give your customers options to get in touch; this can include being available for live online chat or have emergency hours available.


  1. You specialize in (AC repairs, AC installations, etc.)

Nothing will sell more services than being a specialist at a particular service. There is a feeling of trust and security that happens to consumers when they hear that a person is a specialist. A contractor that specializes in certain areas is viewed as knowing more than the other guys, therefore can fix the problem quickly and at a higher level of service. When claiming to be a specialist to make sure that you are specifying as to what you are most knowledgeable about and have the most experience with. If you can tie this into being in business the longest, even better marketing strategy for putting your brand ahead of the competition.


  1. You’re the largest company

Having a larger company emotes the feeling that a customer will be able to get service more quickly. A larger company also clearly says that you are successful, and because of this success, you have added more employees, trucks, and services to serve your customers better. Conversely, another excellent characteristic that consumers appreciate is being a smaller family-owned business. If you are family-owned don’t hesitate to say so, this builds connections and makes you more personable.


  1. You offer the lowest prices (or most economical prices in the area)

Every customer loves getting a good deal. Just as no customer wants to overpay on services. Clearly stating your pricing methods, whether you believe in having transparent pricing, up-front pricing, competitive pricing, or the lowest pricing, is essential. These are hot words that consumers associate with getting a good deal and not getting ripped off. Another phrase that works very well in the HVAC industry is affordable. 


  1. You’re a company that treats customers like family

Hit home and make your customers feel not just like a number. You can do this by stating that your company treats customers like family. If you want each customer to be a part of your growing family, let them know. When customers feel like family, they are less likely to have the feeling they are being taken advantage of, so in saying you treat them like family, they are reassured their problems are being handled in the best way possible.



Inspection Checklist for Air Conditioning Units

Now that summer’s here it is time for your air conditioner check up from your local HVAC technician! It’s always a good idea to get your air conditioning looked at, but now is the best time right before the hottest months. This checklist will teach you everything that needs to be covered in an air conditioners tune up. We also talk about precautions homeowners should take in order for their unit to be running properly this summer. 


What should be done in an air conditioning inspection?  

  •  Making sure the thermostat is functioning properly and communication with the AC unit is okay
  • Testing Refrigerant levels and making sure it is within proper operating range.
  • Lubricating all moving parts in order to reduce friction, and reduce the amount of power being used
  • Testing the components of your blower and making sure the airflow is working as it should with no obstructions.
  • Checking the condensation drain make sure the drip pan and condensation drain lines are working properly to prevent water damage to the unit


  • Cleaning condensers and evaporator coils to allow for better heat transfer and efficiency 


  • Checking all electrical components to ensure there are no exposed wires, faulty connections, or other failures


Preventative maintenance done by an HVAC technician will help your AC unit to perform at its best. This will not only keep you the most comfortable at home but also save you money. But there are a few things you can do as well throughout the coming seasons.   


  • Checking and possibly replacing air filters. With a lot of use it can be easy for any filter to become clogged, restricting airflow and causing issues. 


  • For the more adventurous home owner you can try cleaning your condenser. Being outside your AC unit is wide open for all sorts of debris. If you are able to remove any build up found inside or around that area it helps a lot. 


  • Inside the home check all of the registers and make sure there is a constant airflow with no blockages while the system is on. Check to make sure there is no furniture or other items blocking airflow to each room. 




The 7 Best HVAC Blogs & Forums

The Blog

A third-generation HVAC professional, Will Housh of Ohio, decided to take his family-owned HVAC  business online. What started as a small-town heating and cooling business in Will’s grandpa’s garage back in 1954, he has turned into one of the most booming sites full of educational, informative, and expert HVAC material. In addition to their blog they also have a Resource Center that is easy to use and home to great videos, articles, and other information. 



National Air Warehouse Blog

In addition to being one of the largest suppliers of HVAC products and equipment, they have a great blog with current topics full of the latest news, technology, statistics, and more. This blog is easy to follow and great for experienced HVAC professionals, homeowners looking to learn something new, and everyone in between.

The HVAC subreddit of Reddit (r/HVAC) Is one of the most popular places to share HVAC topics and stories, however it may not be as informative or educational as our other sites listed. This is a forum where anyone can comment or post, with only 1 rule…”No homeowner thermostat wiring questions allowed.” After browsing through here on multiple occasions I think this is the best place for HVAC professionals and business owners related pictures and stories, but not a great start to learning about heating or air conditioning. 




Air Conditioner Contractors of America (ACCA) is the largest HVAC contractor organization in the United States and represents thousands of contractors, professionals, and business owners. Full of videos, guides, downloads, articles and so much more, this site has possibly the largest amount of HVAC resources on this list. Their blog is a bit different than the rest on this list and tends to focus mostly on news, laws, and running your business.



Arista Blog

Based in New York City Arista has been on of the largest HVAC services in NYC for over 50 years. Mainly geared towards home owners and potential or current clients, their blog is full of relevant and relatable topics that will be of use for anyone who owns an HVAC system. For basic knowledge, tips, or tricks, this is a great blog for people to learn the basics and essentials of HVAC. 




Home to a couple million posts and over 100,000 users across the world HVAC-Talk is the largest HVAC forum on the internet. With such a large volume of users you are guaranteed to find a post about any topic imaginable and have any questions answered. This is most likely the best site for industry professionals to browse and connect and not the best place for homeowners to be.



HVAC Pro Forums

HVAC Pro Forums is similar to HVAC-Talk in that homeowners should seek their info elsewhere. This forum is another go to for HVAC professionals to share and have discussions. Here you will find a small site, but it is rich in quality content. This is a great place for pros to have very in depth and technical discussions. 


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