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Ryan G. Motorworks


Ryan G. Motorworks, a leading German automotive repair specialist in Northern California, was having issues with their web presence.

While they were ranking decently for keywords in their small hometown, they were looking to expand to other markets and bring in more BMW clients from the entire county.

So What Was the Solution?

When we first started working with Ryan G. Motorworks it was immediately apparent that people were willing to drive great distances just to do business with this particular shop. BMW customers appreciated the fact that they could do business with an independent shop that specialized in their favorite car brand.


We wanted to leverage the enormous number of positive reviews they already had online, our mission was to put the business in front of searchers that didn’t know they existed yet.


While giving the website a design face-lift and integrating a streamlined booking system, we created landing pages for nearby cities that has the kind of demographic Ryan G. Motorworks actively targets.


We achieved front-page rankings for 5 out of the 6 cities we targeted. Since we started with this shop, gross revenues are up 32% for the year.


We gave the website a new design and integrated a booking system that helped improve conversions directly from the website.

The new website gives more prominence to social proof, the phone number, and a 360 view of the shop itself.


Even though the majority of leads are inbound phone-calls and/or walk-ins, the website’s booking system still achieves a 3.64% conversion rate which is pretty stellar for website traffic.

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