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The challenge with any new website is gaining the trust of search engines in the shortest time-frame possible so we can start generating real leads ASAP.

This is done through a content-heavy web presence, a natural link building campaign, and a visitor-friendly website without errors.

So What Was the Solution?

We built out an initial website which functioned in 2 parts:


The homepage is a place to capture the customers information and turn them into a lead quickly…

Either through an inbound phone call (most common and most preferrable), e-mail, or having them fill out a contact form.


A blog which made loading up the site with content over time an easy task.

A website like Sacramento Handyman, which services all kinds of types of jobs, needs a lot of content to capture leads from a lot of different clients.



In 7 months Sacramento Handyman went from 0 phone calls per month to 100 phone calls per month!


Sacramento Handyman achieved this results with an army of front page Google rankings for keywords like “Sacramento door repair” as well as other handyman-related keywords.

These front-page keyword rankings turn into a steady stream of leads every single day.

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